Orthodontic care can appeal to both children and adolescents as well as adults. Ideally, children are examined around the age of 6, after the exchange of the incisors and the birth of the first permanent molars, this in order to be able to “intercept” any dysfunctions or bad habits, such as oral breathing or atypical swallowing, which negatively affect facial growth. and dental.

In some cases, the first visit can be even earlier. Usually orthodontic therapy, “the appliance” begins at a later age, but some malocclusions must be addressed already at this age.

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Orthodontics in Albania: What Does Esel-Dental Offer?

Esel-Dental Clinic offers orthodontic treatment that can include the application of mobile orthodontic appliances - applied by the patient 5-6 times a day and during the night - or fixed orthodontic appliances - applied to the teeth, instead, with aesthetic or non-aesthetic attachments (metal or ceramic) using a specific adhesive that does not damage the enamel.

Orthodontics studies the various anomalies of the constitution, development and position of the teeth and jaw bones. It aims to prevent, eliminate or mitigate these anomalies by maintaining or restoring the chewing organs and the facial profile in the most correct position possible.

Orthodontics in Albania is also a useful service for all adults who want to solve various problems, such as: crowding of the teeth; bad habits; incorrect swallowing; protrusion of the upper teeth.

In general, the goal of orthodontics is to restore chewing function and achieve the aesthetics of a beautiful smile by applying fixed or mobile applications.