Endodontics in Albania: What Does Esel-Dental Offer?

The endodontist on Esel-Dental is a dentist who mainly or exclusively deals with endodontics, its therapeutic actions are inherent to the dental pulp or endodontium.

Endodontic therapy is used when a carious or traumatic lesion to the tooth has caused an irreversible alteration of the pulp tissue, up to its necrosis. It is also possible to resort to this method if the dental element must be involved in prosthetic rehabilitations which, due to the considerable reduction of the dental tissue itself, would most likely lead to irreversible pulp alteration.

The main interventions concern root canal treatments for teeth with necrotic pulp or gangrene, devitalization of teeth compromised by deep caries or trauma, pulpotomies, apicifications, pulp capping and surgical endodontics.


The term endodontics refers to the space inside the dental element, which contains the dental pulp, consisting of the cellular component, vessels and nerves.

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